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A New Chapter

February 22, 2014 1 comment


This week marked the start of a new chapter in my life as a SQL Server DBA. I am now a Senior Technology Specialist at Apparatus. The company is based out of Indianapolis, but I'll be spending the majority of my time working from home. The job is going to be a mixed bag, combining operations and project work for multiple clients. The project work is going to involve Analysis Services and Reporting Services. These are fairly new areas for me, as is working from home, but I really think I am up to the challenge and I'm extremely excited to jump in.

The major lesson I learned since my previous job change is to focus on the positive in all situations. When I left my previous job 18 months ago, I had been there for 13 years and there were a number of things I found frustrating. I was so frustrated that I failed to recognize the things I valued about the job. I accepted the first offer I received, because it was different than where I was. It took me a few months to realize I had run from my old job than running to a new opportunity. I don't regret my experience over the past year and a half, but it's taught me to always focus on the positive.

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